Have Assisted Living Facilities Forgotten About Men?

by Ami Noss

No matter what the specifics of the situation, the move from independence to assisted living can be emotionally fraught for both parents and children. Seniors often feel reluctant to relinquish control over their surroundings and daily routines, and adult children may feel guilty over not being able to manage their parents’ care without help. Yet this stress is often multiplied for children of aging single men for a reason that might surprise those not familiar with retirement home dynamics: according to the National Center for Assisted Living, women outnumber men three to one in the average elder care setting. In describing the scene at Irvine senior home Atria Woodbridge, Los Angeles Times

Men, Are You Prepared for Old Age?

by Ami Noss

Your finances may be in order, but a healthy investment portfolio is not the only preparation you need to make when it comes to getting ready for retirement. Here are a few critically important steps to aging well that many people overlook: Develop hobbies outside of work. According to a recent study by Canadian researchers, “Keeping the brain active can keep mental deterioration at bay and even stave off depression.” The study followed 333 retirees over four years, eventually concluding that the more demanding and enjoyable an individual’s hobbies, the less likely he is to “experience a decline in brainpower."

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